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End of Week Update (June 22-26, 2020)

Even with the growing and evolving challenges of adapting to a Covid World, our dedicated volunteers and hard-working staff continue to SHOW UP for our community and for each other. Thank you! Together we celebrated:

  • Paul's "Entrance" approval in the North Carolina Lutheran Church. This means that others see gifts in him for pastoral ministry and they affirm his call for the church. This is a big deal!

  • Several people want to talk about greeNest because they're moving to housing soon!

  • Every guest at the hotel has submitted at least one housing application!

  • Emily celebrated a birthday on the 26th!

Here are the other recaps from our end of week meeting:

  • John led us through a conversation about listening- emphasizing the importance of not only "listening to" but "listening for."

  • This means that as we're in conversation we need to be listening for the story under the story and ask questions to get to the root of the concern.

  • Encouragement to continue keeping up our cleaning practices.

  • Lea took pictures to make a reminder card to set at all the stations to distance, mask, and sanitize.

  • It is important to set the barrier on the 530 side so we can maintain healthy boundaries for our volunteers.

Areas to note:

  • Several staff will be gone the week of June 29-July 3 (Tracy, Krista, Paul).

  • The CFC will be closed on Monday the 29th, Thursday the 2nd, and Friday the 3rd.

  • To the best of our knowledge, all of our regular volunteers will be present to help man the space next week!

We'll meet again Wednesday, July 1st from 11:45-12:15


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