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End of Week Update (July 13-17, 2020)

Another exciting week at CWD.

Thank you for all the hard work from volunteers and staff this week!

Together we celebrated

  • God Star Kim! Kim is enthusiastic even while cleaning. She freely offers her skill, knowledge and abilities to the Community faithfully each week.

Here are other recaps from our end of week meeting:

  • Our work at the Medically Fragile Site continues. Lea and John are meeting with participants to plan next steps as they transition into housing. 

  • This week, City with Dwellings helped move two families from shelter into housing. From the application process to final move-in, City With Dwellings walked beside these two families.  We used diversion funds to help pay deposits and application fees.  Volunteers assisted in application completion and furniture delivery.  This was a true team effort with Lea leading the charge. This is what COMMUNITY LOOKS LIKE!

  • While one of the guests at the MFS was waiting on results from a COVID test, we limited service at the CFC since many staff had been in close proximity to this guest. The test returned negative results and we will resume business as normal on Tuesday.

Areas to note:

  • We work hard at  CFC to create and maintain a caring culture. Despite our best efforts we will have situations that require de escalation.  We had a situation occur last week that made be recognize de escalation must be part of our conversation often.  

  • While we cannot control what happens; we can control how we react to it. At the CFC, we keep the humanity of all people at the forefront of our engagements. Respect each other. Be a servant to each other. Keep each other safe.

  • As situations come up, running to the noise and multiple people attempting to talk to the person often escalates the situation.  If we see someone already addressing the situation, others should do two things:

1. Focus on crowd control. Back everyone away and try to limit the side conversations

that might provoke more activity.

2. Support your team member by remaining close enough to react if necessary.  

  • Here are 10 tips to help with deescalation:

- Be Empathic and Nonjudgmental

- Respect Personal Space

- Use Nonthreatening Nonverbals

- Avoid Overreacting

- Focus on Feelings

- Ignore Challenging Questions 

- Set Limits

- Choose Wisely What You Insist Upon

- Allow Silence for Reflection

- Allow Time for Decisions

Let's celebrate another great week and the unmeasurable impact our work does to improve the lives of those we serve. And then let's do again next week!

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