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City with Dwellings welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles, including activities that directly support our employees as well as guest care.

How can you help?

Volunteer roles include:

  • Hospitality/Event Assistance via our outreach open hours (M-W 2-4p)

  • Winter Shelter (meals, check-in, coordination)

  • HEART Supportive Housing Guides (one-on-one guest support for recently-housed neighbors)

  • Team Participation: Green Team (gardening/outdoor space maintenance), Events/Fundraisers, Pet Team, and more! 

Next Steps

Complete an interest survey
Attend volunteer orientation. 
Choose a role and time to help.
Get going!


If you are interested in exploring other ways that

you or your organization/group can get involved, please email to

learn more.


volunteer areas


This volunteer is given a daily assignment at the direction of the Volunteer Coordinator which may include, general conversation or specific projects with the guests. 


This volunteer helps with set-up and breakdown of the space and will oversee the coffee and hospitality of the center. May include other duties at the direction of the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Information navigator

As guests access phones and computers, these volunteers will help navigate the technology and provide general information gathering assistance, including helping with google searches or finding phone numbers. 


This volunteer will assist the program lead with programs of the day and other duties as assigned the Volunteer Coordinator. Morning and afternoon spots available! 

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