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For 11 years, CwD, in partnership with many supporters and volunteers, has been making a profound difference for those experiencing street homelessness in Winston-Salem. We’ve cultivated this community of care through winter emergency shelter, year-round street outreach, resource navigation, and supportive, restorative practices.


We are now ready to focus on long-term housing solutions for our unsheltered and chronically homeless neighbors. 


Our next steps include the formation of a core team of individuals who will work collaboratively to create solutions that combine housing with trauma-informed approaches, community engagement, and support services to address the needs of unsheltered individuals. We’ll identify best practices and innovative housing models and engage a broad, diverse group of stakeholders, including people with lived experience.  

In order to move forward as quickly as possible with the development of long-term housing and provide CwD leadership and staff the time and capacity to focus on this new initiative,

we will provide only white flag shelter during the 2023-2024 winter season. Up to 40 individuals will be able to find shelter in our new space at The Hub at Augsburg Community Center.

(White flag shelter keeps people living outside safe on dangerous winter nights) 

Please continue to check back as Winter gets closer for how to access the White Flag shelter and ways that you can be involved with providing care on those cold nights. 

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