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Women of Vision

On any given night, three out of ten individuals sleeping in the streets identify as female.  Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise and every day, we see more and more women in our day center or out in the streets. We do our best to assist marginalized, at-risk and homeless women seeking to break the cycle of trauma, abuse, violence, and homelessness.

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Peer Outreach Specialist Tanisha Moreland facilitates a weekly restorative group for housed and unhoused women. The women use words to heal from trauma and form sisterly bonds. At a typical meeting, the group might include a meditation, journaling, discussion of a relevant topic, videos related to the topic, art therapy and/or an affirmation. Additionally, the women engage in various outings: bowling, the salon, restaurants, a movie or the Festival of Lights.

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A variety of women attend the meetings, and the group is open to anyone. Women of Vision provides a safe space to explore, heal, and grow from past traumas. It is important for everyone's voice to be heard.” Many of our neighbors feel invisible and voiceless. This group ensures that they are both seen and heard.

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Interested in supporting Women of Vision? Contact Tanisha Moreland at to donate items, provide refreshments, or sponsor an outing or event. To make a monetary donation, click the link below.

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