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Snack Bag Information

Drop off at The Community First Center, Monday-Friday between 10:00-3:00

The support of faith communities, groups and volunteers is critical to the success of meeting the needs of our neighbors sheltering in place at the medically fragile hotel.  One way to be engaged, is to help provide snacks for our guests!


Twice a week, our guests are given loaded snack bags to enjoy between meal times.

Like many of us at home, sheltering in place is much more doable with snacks to pass the time!


Plan to make enough bags or collect enough items for 60 guests. A snack bag lasts about 3 days and includes 3-4 snacks per day (12 different snack items). Perhaps consider adding something sweet to drink!

If that's too much- no worries! Pick of 60 of an item and we'll assemble bags as individual items come in! 


Reusable grocery bags are a great way to package these items.

They also make for easy transport, delivery, and a bag for our guests to use for personal belongings. 


  1. Single serve chips, or one big bag

  2. Cheez-its or Goldfish

  3. Ramen Noodle Cup

  4. Candy Bars

  5. EasyMac 

  6. Soft cake/cookie snacks, Little Debbies, Oatmeal Cream Pies, etc

  7. Gum

8. Fruit snacks

9. Apple Sauce or Fruit Cups

10. Crystal Light packets

11. Soda or Juice

12. Canned Beanie Weanies or Vienna sausage

13. Popcorn

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