For seven years, City with Dwellings has provided winter shelter to many of our city’s most vulnerable neighbors. 


But it's 2020 and Shelter is Different This Year.


Like most things this year, we’ve had to shift our response, adjust our care, and work differently and creatively to provide winter shelter.

Here Are The Details

What's The Same

We will continue to provide shelter to some of our homeless community in a safe way. We will continue to provide warm meals, peer support, and community to those in our shelter whom we serve. We will continue to offer opportunities for service for our partners and volunteers.

What Is Different

We will not open congregate shelters at our partner churches. We will serve a targeted population of 40 guests at a time, carefully identified by our diversion and outreach teams. We will work hard through diversion to help guests who are outside of the targeted population ind alternative shelter and housing solutions.

Here's How It Works

Starting December 1st, guests will be sheltered in individual, long term rooms at a local hotel, giving them the opportunity to shelter in place, and work on establishing life rhythms that are necessary for independent living. Peer support specialists and case managers will be on-site to help our guests navigate challenges related to addiction and mental health, as well as the road to permanent housing. Our church partners will continue to provide drop off meals. For those not in shelter, the Community First Center will be open and operating during normal CFC hours to assist guests with resources and support. In the case of severe weather conditions that pose a particular risk to unsheltered individuals, CwD is working with the City of Winston-Salem and partner shelter providers on a "White Flag" emergency response. We will communicate specific needs as they arise.

How You Can Help With Meals

Your involvement and support of City with Dwellings and our winter shelter continues to be vital for our success. Our host sites (Augsburg, First Pres, New Story, Redeemer, St. Tims) have chosen certain nights to provide dinner and lunch for our guests. Simply put, sign up with the shelter site that you would typically serve during the overflow season. If you would like to help, please click HERE to sign-up. If you have questions about signing-up, click the link above to find the contact information for your site director. If you are new, or are unsure which site to volunteer with, CwD can help. Please email us at wintershelter@citywithdwellings.org OR- pick a day that works best for you, and sign-up. We're pretty easy around these parts!

When Does My Group Serve

This winter our volunteers are going to help keep our winter shelter guests fed & happy! Different shelter site groups are covering different days, so first see if you can sign-up on one of your group's days. Group contact email is below each group. _______ Sunday/Monday--St.Tim's Overflow katiebbryant@gmail.com Tues/Weds--New Story Overflow rsummers@wnccumc.net Thursday--Augsburg Church anncragan@gmail.com Friday--Augsburg Partners anncragan@gmail.com Saturday--Redeemer Overflow angiekistemaker@gmail.com _______ If you do not have a group or don't know who your contact person is, please email us at wintershelter@citywithdwellings.org OR - if you're feeling adventerous, pick a day of the week that works best for you and sign-up. The Coordinator for the day will be in contact with you if they need more information. You can also contact them directly using the informaiton above.

Special Donation Needs

Donations? Grits, Moon Pies, Bandaids, and more. Different shelter. Different needs. It only takes one click to support the unique needs of the shelter this season! Click HERE to view our Amazon Wish List!

Other Ways to Volunteer

Looking for a way to connect in-person? We've got several in-person volunteer opportunities that might be the perfect fit! Click HERE to learn more and fill out our volunteer interest form!

In uncertain times, we are certain of this: We are committed to serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and we can not do it without you. Your financial support is always appreciated, and you can give online by clicking the link below.

We are grateful for your love, your prayers, and your unwavering support.


We will move forward - together!