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End of Week Update (June 15-19, 2020)

It was a great week at the CFC!

Thanks to all who continue to give their hearts and their time to our community.

Together we celebrated:

  • Several of our people getting closer to housing!

  • The delivery of the new shower trailer.

  • Faithful volunteers who commit to being in relationship with our neighbors.

  • The gift of readiness from our guests and the accountability of community.

Here are the other recaps from our end of week meeting:

  • We're noticing an increase of new guests that are visiting the CFC.

  • We've identified a need to double down on our hospitality and warm welcome for new guests- i.e. coffee as they wait.

  • As guests check in, it is important to ask if this is their first time visiting the CFC and gather introduction information.

  • The bigger story should be collected by Lea, not volunteers, though casual warmth and conversation is highly encouraged as they wait.

  • No extra volunteers are needed at this time.

  • Current volunteers may be moved to help with the added layer of hospitality.

  • We will add a coffee station in the 520 Space to help with the ease of hospitality.

  • We'll continue to manage our "stations" to best help with our rhythm in the space.

  • Please continue to use safe practices related to Covid-19 and cleaning practices.

Areas to note:

  • Pam will be gone next week (June 22-26).

  • Tracy asked for volunteers to look at calendars so we can plan accordingly for the week of July 4th.

We'll meet again Thursday, June 25th from 11:45-12:15

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