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  • What Meals are on the Signup?
    You can sign-up to bring bagged lunches or pre-prepared dinner for the guests. The date you sign up for is the date you drop off/bring the meals off at the shelter location (either Augsburg or St. Timothy's)
  • Who Is My Shelter Site Contact Person?
    Augsburg Lutheran (Mens) Shelter Katie Bryant 828-230-4209. St. Timothy's (Womens) Shelter Kristen Machado 310-913-9911 _______________ If you do not have a group, please email us at and we will get you connected!
  • Where Do I Drop Off Meals?
    Meals should be dropped off at the respective Shelter Location. Augsburg Lutheran: 844 W. Pilot View St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 St. Timothy's Episcopal: 2575 Parkway Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27103 For more site specific information, including times and drop-off instruction, please vist the pages.
  • When Do I Drop Off Lunches?
    Bagged Lunches can be dropped off from 6-8.
  • Bagged Lunches Details
    Volunteers will provide bagged lunches for guests & drop them off at the shelter locations. We need 20 bagged lunches total each day for each shelter site. Bagged Lunches can be bagged in galllon bags, brown paper bags, or plastic grocery bags. Our guests will have little access to other lunch options--so please pack hearty lunches. Below is a list of what needs to be included in the lunch bags--this is a minimum! - A sandwich or “heat & eat” food (think Spaghettios or Dinty Moore) - Something salty (chips and/or cheese/PB crackers) - Something sweet (little debbie snacks or sweet treats preferred) - Canned fruit (applesauce cups, fruit cups, jellos, puddings) - An "on-the-go" drink mix packet (like crystal light, etc) If you have sandwiches or anything that needs to be kept cool, please pack those separately so they can be refrigerated and added to the bags in the morning.
  • Do the Dinner Meals Need to be Boxed?
    No! If it is more convenient to bring dinner preboxed, you are welcome to do so. However, we also invite you to serve and plate the meal to our guests.
  • Where Do I Get Meal Boxes/Containers?
    Contact your Shelter Site Leader (see list above)
  • Do Dinners Need to Arrive Hot?
    Yes, please! We are unable to provide the utilities necessasry to cook or heal a meal.
  • Do I Need to Include Drinks or Utensils?
    Yes, please! Don't forget plates, napkins, cups, etc!
  • What if I Find the Task too Big to do Alone?
    Recruit a few friends, co-workers, neighbors, fellow church or book-club members to help you. It's more fun as a team!
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