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What Meals are on the Signup?

You can sign-up to bring bagged lunches or boxed dinners for the guests. The date you sign up for is the date you drop the meals off at the hotel.

Bagged Lunches Details

Volunteers will provide bagged lunches for guests & drop them off at the hotel. We need 55 bagged lunches total each day. Lunches will be dropped off between 4-6pm at the hotel (or with dinner at 6pm if provided by the same group as dinner). Bagged Lunches can be bagged in plastic grocery bags. Our guests will have little access to other lunch options--so please pack hearty lunches. Below is a list of what needs to be included in the lunch bags--this is a minimum! - A sandwich or “heat & eat” food (think Spaghettios or Dinty Moore) - Something salty (chips and/or cheese/PB crackers) - Something sweet (little debbie snacks or sweet treats preferred) - Canned fruit (applesauce cups, fruit cups, jellos, puddings) - An "on-the-go" drink mix packet (like crystal light, etc) Please NO FRESH FRUIT OR BOILED EGGS this year. No drinks or utensils needed If you have sandwiches or anything that needs to be kept cool, please pack those separately so they can be refrigerated and added to the bags in the morning.

Boxed Hot Dinners Details

Volunteers will provide 55 hot, boxed dinners. Boxed Dinners are to be delivered hot at 6pm--the shelter staff will receive them from the volunteer. To-go meal containers are available for pickup--contact your meal team leader for more info! Groups can also buy boxed dinners but will be responsible for delivering them hot. If your group would like to order pizza, please pick it up and deliver to the hotel (1 pizza per person--so 55 pizzas). No utensils or drinks needed.

Do the Dinner Meals Need to be Boxed?

YES! The monitor can only hand out individually packaged meals.

Who Is My Meal Team Leader If I Have Questions?

This winter our volunteers are going to help keep our winter shelter guests fed & happy! Different shelter site groups are covering different days, so first see if you can sign-up on one of your group's days. Group contact email is below each group. _______ Sunday/Monday--St.Tim's Overflow Tues/Weds--New Story Overflow Thursday--Augsburg Church Friday--Augsburg Partners Saturday--Redeemer Overflow _______________ If you do not have a group or don't know who your contact person is, please email us at OR - if you're feeling adventerous, pick a day of the week that works best for you and sign-up. The Coordinator for the day will be in contact with you if they need more information. You can also contact them directly using the informaiton above.

Where Do I Get Meal Boxes/Containers?

Contact your Meal Team Leader (see list above)

Do the Boxed Dinners Need to Arrive Hot?

Yes, but if your group needs to prepare the meal earlier, make a high quality meal that tastes good reheated. Here are some pointers: - Make sure all items in the box can be reheated in the microwave without affecting the quality of the meal. - Please include reheating instructions--we want our guests to enjoy the meal you provide at optimum temp. - No salads in the meal boxes (no one likes a soggy salad!)

Do I Need to Include Drinks or Utensils?

NO. Guests don’t need drinks or utensils because they will have an equipped kitchen in their rooms.

What if I Find the Task too Big to do Alone?

Recruit a few friends, co-workers, neighbors, fellow church or book-club members to help you. It's more fun as a team!

When Do I Drop Off Meals?

Bagged Lunches can be dropped off 4-6pm. Dinners should be dropped off at 6pm.

Where Do I Drop Off Meals?

Drop off meals with the monitor at the hotel/shelter. Extended Stay America 1995 Hampton Inn Ct W-S 27103 Drive around to the back of the hotel and look for Room 117. When you arrive, call the Shelter Phone # you received in your reminder email from to let the monitor know you are there. The monitor will come out to receive the meals. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE HOTEL MAIN OFFICE! Only the monitor can receive meals!